NEw Clients

We welcome new professional clients, be they qualified designers, landscapers or gardeners. We hope that the information below is helpful for when it comes to sending your first list and we look forward to hearing from you.  

  • For all orders, minimum value for direct delivery is £500, pre VAT and carriage. 

  • Delivery starts at £30 (ex VAT) and then at 10% of the order value, up to a maximum of £200.00

  • Please read and review both this page and the Delivery/Collection page before sending us your list for quotation/ordering. 

To set up an account with us, we'll just need a few things:  your business name, address and contact details. Then we can set up a profile for you. 

Things can get pretty busy, especially in the spring and autumn seasons. So to help us get your list to you as quickly as possible, please read and review both this page and the Delivery/Collection page before sending us your list for quotation/ordering. 

When you send us your plant list it helps us to also include the delivery address (in full) that you'd like the order to be sent to, as well as the sizes and quantities you're after. When you're ready, you can send your list to

Most of our clients find using our Availability and Looking Good lists extremely helpful, as these are updated each week with plants that are ready now (and include sizes and prices). This also makes quoting much faster. Using the search function ('CTRL + F' for PC or '⌘-F' for Mac) saves a lot of scrolling as our range of stock is pretty large!

Once we have sent you your first quote as we can supply it and you have reviewed it and confirmed the order, then we will issue you with a pro-forma. For new client’s first order, we just ask that this be paid up front, prior to delivery. All your subsequent orders will first be delivered and then we will issue you with an invoice which can be paid over the phone or via online banking. Our bank details are on the bottom of the pro-forma.


  • Delivery is available for orders £500 and over (pre VAT and carriage) and starts at £30. Then it’s calculated by about 10% of the order value pre VAT, up to £200.00.
  • Once confirmed, orders can’t easily be amended. Neither stock nor space is held until an order is confirmed. Temporary holdings can be made on request, but this is limited to confirmed orders (as opposed to speculative lists or quotes) and is allocated on a first come, first served basis for established and regular clients. Large orders (5x trollies*) or those to be delivered outside our usual zone must not be cancelled without at least 10x days prior warning or a full delivery charge may still be issued.
  • Please provide an invoice address when you open an account with us, and let us know if anything changes. We can’t amend to whom the invoice is addressed to after the order has been delivered.
  • Bought in items cannot be refunded or credit issued for these, so do be sure that your clients can take plants that we’ve ordered in especially for you.
    •  *Trollies – The number of plants on a Dutch trolley varies depending on the size of the pot and the height/width of the plant. Often (but not always) this equates to about 80x 3L pots in winter and about 40x 3L pots in summer (when there is more foliage/flower to accommodate).

Visit our Deliveries page to see our information regarding carriage charges and delivery options.